Shell Lubricants distributor Nigeria
Epoxy Oilserv Nigeria Limited
Industrial gases

We are Nigeria's leading suppliers of industrial, medical,
special gases, welding and safety products. We aim to be
the most customer focused industrial gas supply company
in Nigeria

We have  a gas producing and refilling, and distributing  
facilities located in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Enugu and
Calabar we can effectively reach our customers wherever
they are located within Nigeria, we have very efficient
distribution infrastructure
Request a quote- or Call  
+2348053390165- 24hours
Industrial Gases/Specialty gases we have
in stock includes

Industrial Oxygen gas
Dissolved acetylene gas
Nitrogen gas
Liquid Nitrogen
Carbon Dioxide gas (CO2)
Helium gas
Argon gas
mixed gases
Calibration gases
Freon gases
Refrigerant gases
Hydrogen gas
Medical Oxygen
Breathable air
Nitrous Oxide
Diving gases
Cylinders Regulators
Gas panels
Flexible hoses
Control valves, etc.

Other services we render includes
Rental of cylinders and baskets
Rental of cylinder (racks)
Rental of cryogenic tanks and associated equipment
Training on safe handling of industrial gases.
Leak check
Installation and maintenance of gas piping systems
Providing nitrogen generator on customer site
Vacuuming of cryogenic tanks
Inspection of cylinders
Recharging gases and checking liferaft
Recharging gases and checking respiratory equipment
Inerting of pipeline and vessels
Pipeline drying
Cleaning of tanks
Delivery of cylinders, bundles, etc.
16-Cylinder Nitrogen quad
other Products
Welding Products

Filler Metal
Misc. Welding Equipment
Welders & Accessories
Welding Support Equipment
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